NBA 2K21 – Season 8 Introduces A New Out Of Position Collection

NBA 2K21 Season 8 continues the Out of Position collection with the third edition that features players such as Andrei Kirilenko and Chandler Parsons.

NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 is a MyTeam Season 8 collection. Players that are interested in these cards have to buy Out of Position 3 packs from the store. This is a premium MyTeam selection. If you prefer to stick to cards that can be obtained from the game, this is a great time to grab some high OVR cards as rewards. Season 8 has many activities that allow players to get 99 OVR cards without visiting the cash shop. Just in case you decide to go for the NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 collection, here are the players that you can expect to pull from packs.

NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 Player Items

Three NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 cards have 99 OVR. ’04 Andrei Kirilenko has 91 outside scoring, 93 inside scoring, 97 defending, 95 athleticism, 92 playmaking, and 95 rebounding. Lamar Odom is among the highest-rated Out of Position 3 items as well. His card has 89 outside scoring, 95 athleticism, 95 inside scoring, 92 playmaking, 92 defending, and 90 rebounding. Danny Granger’s card captures the 2008 season. The attributes are 93 outside scoring, 96 athleticism, 95 inside scoring, 90 playmaking, 88 defending, and 94 rebounding. These four NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 cards have 98 OVR. ’81 Wes Unseld comes with 90 outside scoring, 96 inside scoring, 91 defending, 95 athleticism, 89 playmaking, and 97 rebounding. Chandler Parsons, a center player from the Dallas Mavericks, has 93 outside scoring, 89 athleticism, 91 inside scoring, 86 playmaking, 87 defending, and 94 rebounding. ’91 Cliff Robinson is a card that works in a center position and also as a shooting guard. The stats are 87 outside scoring, 93 athleticism, 88 inside scoring, 76 playmaking, 93 defending, and 90 rebounding. Yi Jianlian’s attributes are 89 outside scoring, 91 athleticism, 92 inside scoring, 83 playmaking, 87 defending, and 91 rebounding. The items that complete the NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 collection have 96 OVR. ’95 Manute Bol is a card with 85 outside scoring, 84 athleticism, 88 inside scoring, 85 playmaking, 88 defending, and 95 rebounding. Obi Toppin represents the New York Knicks with an item whose stats are 85 outside scoring, 92 athleticism, 89 inside scoring, 75 playmaking, 84 defending, and 87 rebounding. Deni Avdija comes with 87 outside scoring, 94 athleticism, 86 inside scoring, 73 playmaking, 82 defending, and 75 rebounding.

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